Any home can be turned into a completely immersive 3D walkthrough experience with Matterport 3D. For homeowners, a Matterport 3D scan can provide documentation of the inside of a home. If you are looking to do a remodel or redesign a room, a Matterport 3D can give you a feel for how a room could look before investing in a redesign. And you can easily share the file with your designer or architect. Working together you can get a virtual tour of your new space before a wall is moved or furniture is purchased.

HDR Photos

Matterport gives amazing 4K print-quality snapshots for print use or smaller sizes for website use. Automatically edited, ready-to-use photos of every part of your home. Matterport technology gives you the ability to tag features and call them out to your designer or architect.

Dollhouse View

Matterport’s exclusive dollhouse view can let a homeowner, truly feel they are exploring the entire house from all angles. No other camera can create a stunning Dollhouse view on-demand. And the Dollhouse visuals are hi-res and print ready.

2D Floor Plans

Not only does Matterport 3D take photos and create an immersive 3D experience, it takes dimensional data and measurements. Black-and-white 2D floor plans of your home can be created with the push of a button. As a homeowner you can map out a design layout before making any investment. With a virtual tour, you can see how the furniture will fit and flow of the rooms. Matterport’s technology brings your home to life online.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Hire a Circleshots Photographer to scan your home. Scans are quick and easy to set-up.
Receive the file. The file can be viewed anytime on any device.
Share with your designer or architect.

Contact a Circleshots Photographer to scan your home.