Real Estate

Most homebuyers will view houses online before viewing a home in-person. As an agent or broker, you know buying a home is often more than a financial decision, it’s an emotional one. Matterport 3D scans create an immersive experience, beyond the standard photo galleries and 360° virtual tour. With Circleshots, homebuyers actually move through the property along with the camera; it’s as if they are doing a walkthrough.

Our process offers a more complete visual real estate marketing than photos alone. Matterport 3D brings listings to life. Buyers are 95% more likely to call and are up to 300% more engaged.

Dollhouse View

No other camera has the ability to create a stunning Dollhouse view on-demand. Homebuyers can truly feel they are exploring their new home from all angles. Our efforts have found that the 3D Dollhouse produces the most engagement and traffic. All Dollhouse visuals are hi-resolution and print-ready.

2D Floor Plans

Not only does Matterport 3D take photos and create an immersive 3D experience, it takes dimensional data. From this, we generate a 2D black-and-white floor plan. This is a bonus for homebuyers that want to map out the design layout before they move in. For example, they’ll be able to know if their furniture will fit in their future home.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Get the listing. Impress potential sellers with how their home will feature an immersive virtual tour.
  2. Hire a Circleshots photographer at your convenience. A photoshoot can be completed in a few hours.
  3. Add to your listing. You can add a syndication link to your MLS listing or embed the video on your own site.

A Circleshots photographer can scan a property quickly with minimum set-up. Once the file is sent to you, it’s easy to update your listing. Simply embed into your listing, Matterport is compatible with most website, including WordPress.

You can also download 2D photos for other promotion materials. Find out more how Circleshots can help you use Matterport as your all-in-one real estate digital marketing solution.