Property Management

Matterport 3D brings your community property to life online. As a property manager, having an immersive 3D model of your property is a smart marketing move. 91% of prospective renters begin their search online. How your property looks online and and how it stands out from your competitors makes a difference to prospective tenants.

Matterport customers report up to 300% more website engagement. Matterport 3D scans create an immersive experience, beyond the standard photo galleries and 360° virtual tour. Virtual tours can answer a tenant’s questions online before visiting in-person, saving you time and effort.  We help generate more qualified leads.

The best tour you’ll never give. Matterport 3D tours can be reused for multiple rental cycles. Scan your community once and embed the tours on your website for years to come – even when your units are occupied. A virtual walkthrough allows your prospective tenant to feel as if they’re really there. 

HDR Photos

Matterport gives amazing 4K print-quality snapshots for print use or smaller sizes for website use. Automatically edited, these ready-to-use photos cover every part of the property. Matterport lets you highlight unique features in your spaces through the ability to tag specific features during the virtual walkthrough.

Dollhouse View

Our technology delivers online guided tours for audiences that want a lean-back experience. No other camera can create a stunning Dollhouse view on-demand. Tenants can truly feel they are exploring the entire house from all angles. Our efforts have found that the 3D Dollhouse produces the most engagement and traffic. All of our Dollhouse visuals are hi-resolution and print-ready.

2D Floor Plans

Not only does Matterport 3D take photos and create an immersive 3D experience, it also takes dimensional data. Black-and-white floor plans of your units can be created with the push of a button. This is a bonus for tenants that want to map out their design layout before they move in. For example, tenants will be able to know if their furniture will fit.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Hire a Circleshots Photographer to scan your apartments and community. Scans are quick. Many apartments can be scanned in under an hour.
  2. Update your site with the Matterport visual images and 3D visual tours.
  3. Share a link on your rental sites and on social media for hightened community awareness.

Fill your vacant units. Answer questions before they are asked. Shorten your sales cycle. Enhance your community’s brand. 

Contact a Circleshots Photographer to scan your property for better community engagement and elevated online marketing.